Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Just like Christmas

I don't celebrate Mother's Day...I just don't like it....and I'm okay with that. I try to take some time a day or two after Mother's Day to just be alone...go for a drive, read a book, anything that allows me to be alone, in silence, away from everyone...that to me is the best way to spend a little bit of time...seems kind of like a waste of time when my schedule is so full, but this year I needed it more than ever and I'm so glad I took the time for me.

I took a drive to one of my favorite places, I need to get to it  more often at least once a month! There's this wonderful little gem tucked away out at Interlakes....The Country Pedlar...I love it there. I need to win a lottery...I love everything in this wonderful store...the owners, the staff...everything! I was lucky enough to win a Mother's Day gift basket ( yes I entered...even though I don't like Mother's Day...) and oh my...what a gift basket it was!
(insert chocolate fudge here....) look at that beautiful scarf! and those slippers...OMG!!!! Tea cups, socks, napkins, a wonderful tray, bracelet, candles, and a kitchen organizer. Spoiled...I feel spoiled.
Please folks..make the drive out there and say hello, browse the wonderful store and enjoy the world's best fudge๐Ÿ’— You will be so glad you did.

I checked the mail on the way home and my winnings from an online party through another friend arrived....again, blown away, blessed and very spoiled!!!Thank you Tanya for the fun and Thank you Kerri for my wonderful winnings๐Ÿ’“
Check out Kerri's Rodan + Fields page for more
So, even though I don't celebrate Mother's Day, it felt nice to be pampered Christmas in May ๐Ÿ’–

Okay..enough about is Kai...
Well, Kai is's tough to explain how he is a continuous changing person....his hands and feet are raw...there's almost no skin. He doesn't complain about it but I know it must hurt. I try to remind him to wear socks all the time, especially after a shower. Maybe gloves?? Anything to stop the picking...he has no finger nails left either, bitten down to the point of nothing left.

He gags and vomits so much still, I worry about about his teeth long thing at a time, we'll fix that issue when and if the time comes...This is the one thing I wish would ease up for him and secretly for me...I do a ton of laundry...I worry about the septic keeping up with the immense amounts of's funny looking back to when the boys were younger, Kevin and I had a deal...he dealt with barf, I dealt with blood...he couldn't handle blood, I couldn't handle barf...I have been knees deep in barf...had no choice but to get over it! Yay Motherhood...

He still can't handle much conversation around us. We still try not to take it personally but damn it, it would be nice to be able to parent your child through voice, not texting or writing a note...

For some reason he likes our room. It is bright, full of windows and it's a lighter color than the rest of the house.In our room he will sit and talk with us for quite some time...we bought chairs for the corner of our room so we had a place to sit on the rainy days when we couldn't be outside, similar to a hotel room feel...he loves it in there...we can't figure it out...why can he talk there but not in the kitchen?

I swear some days he's just f*ckin with us....

He is out a lot more, hanging with a great group of kids and being a bit more active. Kai always jokes that he is lazy, I think it's his way of making light of his weight. I still think the large amount of Flouxetine he is on is a part of his weight gain and I look forward to the day he is well enough to slowly ease off of it. For now, any activity is better than none and we will enjoy that he is out with his camera walking a bit more than he was last week.

I had to pick him up from school yesterday, it was the end of the day (2:00) so only an hour left...but when he calls, you know he's done...he came home and slept off whatever it was that bothered him. It's impossible to find out what happened until after he sleeps it off...when he woke up he told me he had a sub in his woodwork class...and he was chewing gum...yup, gum...he was worried about today having a double class with the sub, I told Kai to be honest and polite, tell him why chewing gum bothers you and ask if he would not chew gum while you were in the class. He didn't call so I guess today went well...Thankfully he is enjoying school and is there all day right now. He has a few courses to complete over the summer but seems to be on track for going into Grade 10 with his peers.

He is now seeing someone twice a month, this will go down to once a month as Kai progresses...Kai doesn't really want to go, he thinks he doesn't need the help...but I strongly disagree. I think Kai will need someone to talk to for a long time to come. I hope the support continues, but if it doesn't I will keep looking for the right person to get Kai through some of the tough stuff...

Well, that pretty much sums it up for now. My day was pretty nice so I want to brighten someone else's as day well...I will post this blog on my facebook page (like always) so feel free to leave a happy comment or picture, here or there, for this wonderful gift of tea light candles that was part of my gift basket.
Until next time ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’“

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