Friday, 17 March 2017

He did it..on his own

Well, today was another appointment day for Kai. He didn't want me to come in with him. I agreed. Lately he's been gagging non-stop around both Kevin and I. Gotta love Tourette Syndrome with a good ole dash of Sensory Processing mess!

He met V with Canadian Youth Mental Health and sat in her office for almost 1 full hour. I have no idea what they discussed, but he seemed happy at the end of it. He told me he liked her and has another appointment early April. HE DID IT ON HIS OWN!!!! I did not have to be there...I did not have to be in the room at all...I wasn't even in the building! So proud of him. 💚💙💚

Usually at the end of his meetings, he requests Poutine and an Ice cap...we have been working hard with him to strive to make healthier life style choices due to the medication making him gain weight. He has been inactive for a while because of everything he had going on in his world...But that comfort food...he would eat his meal and sleep for hours. I'm sure every meeting is emotionally exhausting for him. They usually are for us. Today was different though. He asked to go to 7-11. He bought a coffee and 6 chicken fries....and then asked to go back to school!! He's not home in bed...he's at school!!

What has happened? Where is my child?? He's becoming the boy he used to be...the one we have been fighting so hard to get back...the one we used to know. But again, I'm cautiously optimistic...a good day doesn't mean this is over...I still can't speak in front of my child. There's no noise from Kevin or I in Kai's world...if there is, it's very minimal...Misophonia gets a big middle finger from me every day...

We all know that this is a work in progress...finding the right Doctors and Therapists, Psychiatrists with open minds willing to learn about new conditions, the right information, the right medication...We all know this doesn't just "go away"'s a road we will have to travel on for many years to come. Days like this just remind us how far he has come. His hard work is paying off and he sees himself getting better. He sees the benefit to proper sleep, diet and exercise. He is making the right choice for his mental and physical health, I couldn't be more proud.

Well, that's all from me today folks
I hope you enjoy a safe Saint Patrick's Day💚
Until next time.

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